Tips & Tricks for Getting That Job

Tip and Tricks It’s that time of year – students are graduating and getting out in to the world of work. But what can graduates and school leavers do to secure the job they’re after?

Get that interview!

Volunteer: there are lots of candidates graduating from college or university with a veterinary qualification. Volunteering with a charity will give you invaluable experience and real life examples to use during interview.

Make contact with the practice before you send in your CV and covering letter. Keep the focus on the practice, asking background questions such as how many employees there are, what is their predominant clientele, etc. It gives you the chance to sound thorough, professional and eager.  [Read more…]

Volunteer for Experience!

aea348fb076d017cff3a7432363980aaDo you love animals and wonder whether you have what it takes to be a veterinary surgeon or nurse? Perhaps you’re a qualified veterinary professional from outside the UK and are finding it difficult to get work without having UK-based experience and knowledge. In these instances, volunteering with a charity can make all the difference.

Working with animals is tough. When animals visit a surgery it’s because they are sick or injured, therefore you have to be able to deal with blood, bones, vomit and a myriad of other unpalatable things. An Animal in pain is difficult to witness. Before committing to years of expensive study a few weeks working with a charity will give you invaluable, hands-on experience and provide a real taste of what it’s like to work within the industry. [Read more…]