Are We Over-Vaccinating?


There has been much debate recently over whether domestic animals are being over vaccinated.

We relate to this probably most clearly as a result of the MMR debacle. Some years ago a respected doctor made a statement to the effect that the new MMR vaccine had the potential to cause autism in some children. Parents stayed away in their droves. The result? A dramatic and terrifying rise in the number of children becoming seriously ill and permanently damaged through Measles and Mump infections. The link between MMR and autism has now been debunked. In this instance the disease posed a significantly higher threat than the possible side effects.

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Locums – To Be, Or Not To Be Self-Employed


The life of a Locum appeals to many – the freedom to work anywhere, when you choose, experience a variety of environments and working practice; as well as the increased rate of pay.

But does Locum status mean claiming self-employed status?

For tax classification purposes, in the Inland Revenue’s eyes in order to be classified as self-employed a person must use their own equipment (including drugs), dictate when they work and name their own charge rate. However, typically vet practices expect Locums to use practice equipment, use the drugs on the designated list, work predetermined hours and for a nominated rate of pay. [Read more…]