Interview Questions Every Candidate Should Ask

Ask The Right QuestionsCandidates often take the view that interviews are all about the interviewer asking the questions and the candidate doing all the answering.  Invariably the interviewer will ask “Do you have any questions for me” and the majority of the time, the interviewee will say “No thanks. You’ve answered my questions during the course of the interview”.  In ‘the old days’ this was probably a reasonable response, but these days competition for jobs is fierce.  If you’re leaving a steady job and moving to a new one, getting it wrong could have devastating financial ramifications.  It’s therefore important to ensure you’re making the right move and the best way to judge that is to find out about the practice you’re applying to. [Read more…]

Are You ‘ Vet In The City ’ or ‘ All Creatures Great & Small? ’

Adorable Jack Russell TerrierDo you see yourself as the next James Herriot?  Or is life in the city more your thing?  Do you like the idea of waking up in a cottage and looking out across the rolling downs, or do you like to hear the hum of a bustling city around you?

The choice is about more than just where you live.  Where you choose to work will impact the types of animals you see as well as the diseases you have to treat.  It will also potentially make a difference to the size of the practice and the technology affordable to them.  It will very likely make a difference to the people you meet, the hours you work and your level of involvement within the community. [Read more…]