Succession Planning For Success

Success conceptWith increasing competition for qualified staff, veterinary practices must constantly look for ways to attract and retain employees with a range of skills sufficiently diverse as to remain competitive with other local practices. A key method for ensuring a Practice is using the full potential of their staff and performing to its maximum potential as a business is to employ Succession Planning.

Practices employ traditional business models in order to ensure their survival and plan for continued growth. As such it is necessary for the Practice Owner to have a vision as to the future of the business. Employees play a pivotal role in the success of that vision. [Read more…]

How To Keep Your Practice A Happy Place To Work

Happy VetIt’s an old adage,  but it’s true enough; the key to a successful practice is ensuring your staff is happy. After all, a practice is not defined by bricks and mortar alone, but by the people who provide the service to the animals (and their owners) in their care. Retaining staff is an efficient way to keep your practice focussed on the task in hand. The trick is balancing a happy workplace with maintaining a professional atmosphere. [Read more…]

Gathering Worthwhile Evidence From An Interview – Can You Give Me An Example?

Job interview for practice managersThere is a perception that interviewing candidates is  easy. You get them in, sit them down, ask them about their experience and see whether the answers tick all the boxes next to the criteria for the job. But effective interviewing is about so much more. Some candidates know the answers you’re expecting to hear, but the answers may bear very little resemblance to their experience. So how do you make sure the answers you’re receiving are real? And what types of questions will give you the best answers on which to base a decision. [Read more…]

How To Write A Good Job Advert

How to write the perfect job advertRecruiting staff can be a time-consuming business for any practice manager. Usually for any vacancy there will be a number of respondents. Writing the job advertisement is the first stage of the sifting process and done well will attract the best people and help eliminate the less suitable. So how can you make sure your advert is going to attract the right candidates?  [Read more…]