Finders Keepers – Making Sure You Don’t Miss Out On Your First Choice of Candidate

interview handshake

Every practice wants to attract top-level candidates for the vacancy they’re looking to fill, but attracting the right candidates is only half the battle. Once the sifting of applicant CVs has been completed and the most promising invited for interview, you may feel a sense of progress. Eager candidates arrive, deliver their interview and leave you with the decision to make. You think the hiring process is almost complete, but in reality there’s still a long way to go and it’s at this point your preferred candidate slips through your fingers. So why does it all go wrong for you?

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The Art of Onboarding – Acclimatising New Employees

newStarting work with a new Practice can be exciting: a new start and fresh opportunities. For some, the excitement of starting with a new Practice can also be balanced with a good measure of stress and anxiety. Nobody really likes to be ‘the new girl’ or ‘new boy’! [Read more…]