An Extension to Childcare – What Will It Mean In Practice?

Viele Kinder malen mit Farbe zusammen mit Erzieher im Kindergarten

Recently the new government revealed it will be rolling out its proposed extension of the free childcare system earlier than expected. 2016 will see a doubling of free childcare for children aged 3-4 years from the current 15 hours per week to 30 hours per week. But what kind of impact will this translate to in real terms, for real working families?

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Mindfulness & Why It Matters In The Work Place

Practice Mindfulness DailyModern life is so busy: busy at work, busy organising the family, busy worrying about money – the list goes on. We’re all guilty of saying ‘I don’t know where this week went’ and genuinely, we’ve missed most of what has happened because we’ve been so busy just trying to get through each day’s events. [Read more…]