The Tax Man Says – It’s Time to Train!

The Tax Man Says – It’s Time to Train!

The prospect of taking on a trainee or apprentice can be daunting. Not only is there the consideration of the actual training of the employee – undoubtedly a time-consuming process, but also the associated paperwork, particularly for younger employees. And what if, after all the investment, the trainee decides to take a role with another practice? All that time, money and effort has simply gone leaving another gap that requires filling. Hardly surprising then that many practices feel the effort involved isn’t worth the return they may get from a trainee. But times are changing, and there’s seldom been a better time to consider taking on a trainee. [Read more…]

Personal Branding – Show Them You’re The Expert.

Personal Branding - Show Them You’re The Expert.

With a myriad of social media platforms available to us these days there’s a lot of talk about how people present themselves online.  Increasingly, employers look at social media prior to making job offers. Recruiters too look to social media when searching for candidates. Whilst some platforms, such as Facebook are generally accepted to be less formal, others, such as Linkedin, are more geared towards the professional side.  So, with social media encompassing both off-duty hours activities as well as your more professional self, how do you go about establishing yourself as a force to be reckoned with? And furthermore, what’s the point in doing so? [Read more…]

Sickness – What does it say about your Practice?

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Employees get sick – it’s simply a fact of life. On average, in the UK an employee takes 6.6 sick days per year. Veterinary staff are exposed to a huge variety of germs through the many people they meet on a daily basis. This exposure means they’re much more susceptible to colds and bugs, catching them more regularly than office workers who have little contact with the general public. Some people have strong immune systems and are rarely sick; some are more susceptible to the myriad of germs that inevitably comes with a customer-facing role. But when does it become a problem? [Read more…]