Locuming – Why It Might Be a Smart Choice For You

Locuming – Why It Might Be a Smart Choice For YouThere’s no denying, as well as the enjoyable aspects of practicing medicine, being part of a Practice brings with it a range of pressures. Long hours, out of hours working and the continuous stream of patients can all take their toll, particularly when you have outside commitments. An option is taking up Locum work. Whether you’re a veterinary surgeon or veterinary nurse, there are plenty of job opportunities out there, and there are equally many reasons why taking up Locum opportunities may be a sensible choice for you!

After a career break

There are many reasons for taking a career break – a return to studies, a sabbatical, a break to raise a family, for example. After taking time away from the hustle and bustle of a Practice, getting back into it can be a daunting prospect. The longer you’ve been away, the more daunting it can seem. Locuming is an excellent way of dipping a toe in the water without having the commitment of a permanent job. It allows you to brush up on skills and get used to the everyday routine of Practice life.

Keeping your hand in

Perhaps you have commitments outside of work, and you’re finding it difficult to juggle those commitments while holding down a permanent, full-time position. Whether you want to spend more time with the family, have carer responsibilities, or are trying to add to your qualifications, taking up Locum work allows you to continue to earn while also allowing you the flexibility to maintain other responsibilities. Locuming also allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of your profession and will mean returning to work on a full-time permanent basis will be less of a culture shock.


Letting go of a profession that has been your life’s vocation can be equally as daunting as returning to work after a break! After years of being part of an energetic, thriving atmosphere, the idea of not being part of it can be isolating. Rather than simply giving it all up, taking up Locum positions allows you to continue to practice, helping animals (and their human parents!) without having the full-time commitment a permanent role incurs. Additionally, Locum work allows you to have more control over the hours you work, so the long hours and out-of-hours obligations that so often accompany Practice work can be a thing of the past – unless you specifically select Locum positions with those hours, you’re free to practice veterinary medicine at a more leisurely pace.

Other benefits

Of course, there are other benefits to Locuming – for those with two or three years experience within a Practice, moving into a period of Locum work can provide a wealth of experience within a fairly short period of time. It may well bring with it additional pressures, as any role with a wide variety of responsibilities will, and it presents a steep learning curve. However, in terms of rapidly building on experience, Locum work is priceless.

So, whether you’re starting out, returning after a break, or looking to gradually reduce your working hours, Locum work provides the flexibility and variety to suit. And with the financial benefits on offer too, becoming a Locum may be the smart option for you!


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